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 For Site Technical Assistance

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PostSubject: For Site Technical Assistance   Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:08 pm

For Site Technical Assistance, Questions, and or any other problems you may be experiencing while browsing through The Forbidden Temple Of Art web pages or forum.

Simply start a new topic and explain in as much details as possible. A staff member will then provide or suggest the best solutions for the problem. 90% of the time a member may experiences a problem is due to their Shock-wave flash plugin not being enabled, updated or installed, Note that Windows Media player plugin is also a main plugin that is in use for many web pages on the site.

Remember IE (Internet Explorer) Is not recommended for this site, IE user should not have any problems browsing the regular forum sections, However most Web-pages have some features and content that are rendered incompatible with IE. It seems Microsoft dose not care about their internet browsing service??? All other browser work fine, And IE has many problems with many other sites as well, Not just this one.

Once again if you are having any problems with any other browser other then IE. Please start a new topic and explain in as much details as Possible. Please allow up to 24 hours for a staff member to receive and reply to the problem.

Thank you.
Forbidden Temple Of Art Administration
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For Site Technical Assistance
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